Congratulations to James Byers III, PhD on passing his defense!

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Graduate student, James Byers, passed his thesis defense on Tuesday, September 19, 2017. We will miss you, James, and good luck in your future pursuits!

Congratulations to Dan on being named a New Vallee Scholar!

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The Bert L and N Kuggie Vallee Foundation named five early career scientists as the 2017 Vallee Scholars.  They were chosen from a nominated pool of international early career researchers. The Vallee Foundation’s goal to fund originality, innovation and pioneering work recognizes the future promise of these scientists who are dedicated to understanding fundamental biological processes.

Congratulations to Richard and Anupam on their recent publication!

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Graduate student Richard She and postdoc Anupam Chakravarty’s paper on transcribed genome arrays (TGA), a systems level approach to measuring RNA-protein binding, “Comprehensive and quantitative mapping of RNA–protein interactions across a transcribed eukaryotic genome,” has been published in PNAS. Congratulations Anupam and Richard!

Congratulations to David on his recent publication!

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Postdoc David Garcia’s paper on prion induction by cross-kingdom communication, “A common bacterial metabolite elicits prion-based bypass of glucose repression,” has been published in eLife. Congratulations David!