SandraAMGEN SSRP Program

At Stanford my lab is an active participant in the Amgen SSRP program, which brings a talented and diverse pool of undergraduates to campus each summer for research opportunities in the biosciences.

Lab Links at MIT Museum

At the Whitehead Institute I have been involved in the Lab Links program run by the MIT Museum. This program facilitates direct engagement between scientists in their research laboratories and middle and high school students on field trips at the museum. With a fellow postdoc I designed and taught a module on recombinant DNA technology and protein engineering, working with students at the museum and in the lab (via web link).


I have been actively involved in mentoring undergraduate students via the MIT undergraduate research opportunities program (UROP) and also summer students via the HHMI EXROP program. These experiences have given me an appreciation for the fact that every student learns differently and have also taught me that high expectations can yield extraordinary results. Two of my students have submitted their work for publication and all have gone on to the graduate or professional school of their choice.

HHMI Extended Education Group

I have also participated in several activities run by the HHMI extended education group. These included judging high school science fair finalists to determine who would represent Massachusetts at the American Junior Academy of Sciences (AJAS) annual convention and contributing to several MIT “field trips” for high school students, during which I taught a module on protein structure and function.